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Aspire.  Focus.  Achieve.

Daruma is closely associated with a beloved Japanese proverb nana korobi yaoki, says "Fall down seven times, get up eight". The Daruma doll, with its unique shape and solid base that allows it to right itself when toppled, is the embodiment of such persistence to fulfill our goals in life.

While some may call the Daruma a lucky charm, we contend that the tools of success are within all of us. Daruma is a guardian of our goals that encourages us to remain determined, and to never give up.

Unlike any other Daruma doll, each WE LOVE DARUMA doll features a trademark hand-painted heart on its back. Users may inscribe their goal in this special spot (before or after the goal is achieved). Furthermore, the heart symbolizes charity and goodwill to non-profit organizations in Japan and the Children's HeartLink that WE LOVE DARUMA proudly supports.

While the Daruma tradition is deep-rooted in Japan, it is still not well-known outside of it. We created the WE LOVE DARUMA brand and website to spread Daruma’s optimistic and inspiring energy of goal-setting around the world. The timing, we feel, could not be more pertinent. Daruma’s positive force is just as valuable in good times as in difficult ones. The need to focus our energies is absolutely essential for a brighter future.

Daruma urges us to remain determined and persistent. To achieve what we’ve set out to do.

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