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The Daruma Kids!
Aspire. Focus. Achieve.

The Daruma Kids are five energized friends who want to help young people dream. For a child, dreaming is the first step in goal-setting. When kids dream, they imagine themselves in the future. They are the doctors, athletes, inventors, firefighters, artists, and teachers of tomorrow. The Daruma Kids remind us to never give up on our dreams and always stay young at heart.

Inspired by the Japanese traditional Daruma doll, a centuries-old wishing doll with a deep , the Daruma Kids exude the spirit of determination. Through their adventures, they offer children an early appreciation for the power of goal-setting – something the ancient Daruma himself represents so well.

The Daruma Kids are a friendly and inspirational reminder for us all to keep focused on our dreams. Whether as mobile phone straps, dolls or brightening up bags, t-shirts, mugs, or other products, rooms and moods brighten when a Daruma Kid is around.