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Daruma is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll (or charmingly referred to as a "GOAL DOLL") that keeps us focused on achieving our goals!

It is a centuries-old tradition from Japan that is positive, motivational, and fun (and it works) !!

Here are the FIVE simple steps to using a Daruma doll:

STEP 1 - Decide on a SPECIFIC GOAL you are DETERMINED to ACHIEVE. There are five colours according to the type of goal.

STEP 2 - DRAW one of Daruma's blank eyes to signify your COMMITMENT to achieving your GOAL. Write down your goal on the heart painted on the back of the Daruma for extra commitment!

STEP 3 - Place Daruma somewhere VISIBLE in your home or office so that while he FOCUSES on your GOAL, you'll be reminded to do the SAME!

STEP 4 - Once you've achieved your goal, draw in Daruma's other eye to say THANK YOU!

STEP 5 - CONGRATULATIONS! Write the goal you achieved on the back of your Daruma (if you have not done so already). Time for your NEXT GOAL with a new Daruma!


Ask any successful entreprenneur, student, athlete, business leader, mother, father, actor, writer, politician, lawyer, salesperson, coach, weight-loss hero, (the list goes on) and he or she will tell you that a KEY part of their personal success was a CLEAR VISION of what they wanted, razor-sharp FOCUS and sheer DETERMINATION to NEVER GIVE UP ON THE GOALS THEY SET.

This is EXACTLY what a Daruma doll represents - it is the embodiment of your (or your team's) specific GOAL. It PHYSICALLY represents an OBJECTIVE you ARE COMMITTED to make HAPPEN! Daruma is a tough and caring reminder to STAY ON TRACK OF YOUR GOALS! STAY PERSISTENT!

What you FOCUS ON...GROWS!!

It's a mindset that WINNERS share. If you focus on the positive, then positive things will come your way. Focus on opportunity and opportunity flows in abundance!! Focus on empowering your life and all those around you, and watch it GROW!!
(On the flip side, if you focus on negative thoughts then negative things will attract you. That's NOT what Daruma is all about!!)


We have proudly served THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of GOAL-MINDED ambitious customers from around the world since 2006 DIRECTLY FROM JAPAN, the HOME of Daruma!!


So....Do you Daruma? In other words, do YOU set regular goals to achieve the success YOU deserve?

The FIVE COLOURS our Daruma dolls represent different TYPES of GOALS.

Choose your color based on YOUR GOAL!

A RED Daruma doll is for LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE.
A PURPLE Daruma doll is for HEALTH and LONGEVITY.
A YELLOW Daruma doll is for SECURITY and PROTECTION.
A GOLD Daruma doll is for WEALTH and PROSPERITY.
A WHITE Daruma doll is for LOVE and HARMONY.

Here are just a SAMPLE of the the MILLIONS of GOALS that you can use your Daruma for.

In order for a goal to be most effective, it MUST BE A SPECIFIC GOAL AND MEASURABLE.
Ideally a goal that you achieve within ONE YEAR or EARLIER.

This is how the subconcious mind works best. Consistent steps forward to your ultimate goals and dreams. Success is a journey!

GOALS are DREAMS with DEADLINES!! (*quote by Diana Scharf Hunt)

Want to pass that driving test in 8 weeks? Or maybe pass that tough college course with a "B grade" or higher? Make it a Red Daruma!
Want to lose 20 pounds by the spring of 2017? Purple Daruma is your motivator!
How about celebrating the day you start your very own business before 201X? Go for Gold!!
Make a wish with your partner that your baby is born healthy and happy (and that mother is healthy too!) - Classic White is perfect choice...
Have Daruma pray for your son to come back from his military tour in the best of health. A Classic Yellow or Purple Daruma is appropriate.
And a Daruma for the first million dollars you earn! (and the millions more!) - Go for Red or Gold!!
Determined to make your country's Olympic Team in 2018 or 2020 or later?Red, Purple or Gold!!
How about completing your first marathon in one year? Purple for health and longevity.
Hoping to meet the LOVE of your life? A White Daruma can help send out the right vibes!
Want to get get promoted to the next rank or mangerial position? Red or Gold!
Want to sell your home by the spring? Want to purchase a family home by 2017? ANY colour is fine!
Inspire your son to learn to ride a bicycle before he turns 5! Get a Carton of Mini Mixed Darumas for all his goals!
Want to save $XXXXX this year? Go for Classic Gold!
How about a goal for your daughter to swim one full length of a 25 meter swimming pool on her own? Red or purple or even yellow!
Want to earn a six or seven (or more!) figure income by December 31, 201X? Red or Gold for you!
Want to land that really BIG CLIENT you've always dreamed of before the end of the fiscal year? Get JUMBO DARUMA on the mission!
What about handing out White Mini Daruma dolls (for love) to your guests at your wedding? What an inspiring gift!
Use the Mini or Classic Red Darumas for your TEAM GOAL at your company that you want everyone to be motivated to achieve it by a certain deadline.

WHATEVER the GOAL, BIG or SMALL, Daruma will HELP you FOCUS to make it happen!
It may seem like a simple concept, but it can (and does) make dreams come true!

Millions of people from Japan (and around the world!) count on the positive energy of Daruma every year!

** If you are a company operating in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, WHEREVER, bring the Daruma motivating spirit to your team!
** Do you have a BIG event where you are giving out Hundreds of Daruma? We can provide volume discount! Contact us here!

Do YOU Daruma?

Shop our Daruma dolls here!!

The Daruma Story

Dear to the hearts of the Japanese people, Daruma reflects their determined spirit and peaceful outlook on life. Daruma’s Zen roots go back 1500 years, to Bodhidharma, credited with establishing Chan Buddhism in China and Zen Buddhism in Japan. The traditional Daruma doll represents the silhouette of Bodhidharma in deep meditation, sitting in the customary zazen position.

The zazen posture is one with the legs folded under the body, and the meditation involves clearing the mind of distracting thoughts to achieve a mental state which is totally free from trouble, in an attempt to recognize the truth by mental concentration.

Contrary to popular belief, a Daruma doll DOES HAVE arms and legs, and the legend that his arms and legs shrivelled off when in deep meditation, is just that, legend.

Daruma is closely associated with a beloved Japanese proverb, Nana korobi yaoki, which states, “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. The Daruma doll's unique rounded shape allows it to return to its original position even if knocked over, representing such persistence.

Daruma reminds us all to NEVER GIVE UP on our goals and dreams!

Most of the Darumas made in Japan are produced in the Takasaki region of South West Japan. It began in the late 17th century as a relief measure for farmers who were suffering from famine. The story is that the Daruma Temple instructed farm households to make dolls from papier mache as a way of earning extra income.

Many politicians, at the beginning of an election period, will buy a Daruma doll, paint in one eye, and then, if they win the election, paint in the other eye. At year end, it is customary to take the Daruma doll to a temple, where it is burned in a massive bonfire.

Watch this interesting video clip below that shows how our traditional Daruma dolls in Takasaki are made.

WE LOVE DARUMA is an inspirational brand derived from the Japanese traditional Daruma doll that encourages goal setting to achieve personal aspirations.

Pablo Kuntz is the founder of Marchforth International Ltd., the company behind WE LOVE DARUMA and Unique Japan, and Japan's newest character sensation, The Daruma Kids. Pablo has been a passionate fan of the Daruma doll for more than 15 years, during which time has presented them as gifts to family and friends.

The brand's registered trademark is a heart placed on the back of the Daruma. This is to symbolize goodwill to society, as a portion of each Daruma doll sold goes to a recognized charity.

Inspired by the traditional Daruma doll and his own energetic daughter, Pablo and the team at Unique Japan developed its own character brand called the Daruma Kids. The Daruma Kids are five colourful and energetic friends (Blaze, Carly, Rich, Ollie and Dharma) that champion principles such as goal-setting, learning, perseverance, and charity. Based on the overwhelming interest in the Daruma Kids, Unique Japan has plans to further develop this brand into both Japanese and foreign markets.

Daruma is modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism, 1500 years ago. Woodblock print by Yoshitoshi 1887.

Every Daruma is handpainted by a master craftsman

OK, let's get started!! Draw in one eye of the Daruma when you make your goal!

Daruma dolls carefully being packed in Japan!

A close up view of our popular Mini Daruma dolls!

Your Darumas at home focusing on your goals!

All Daruma dolls are made from recycled paper and painted with water-based ink. Very eco-friendly!

Daruma, Daruma, Daruma, We LOVE Daruma!